for Clark County, WA Council District 3

The Clark County Council is a 5-person board, and I’m running for the District 3 position as the Republican. Please support Karen Bowerman in the November General Election!

Now, more than ever, representatives of the people must be skilled in job creation and skilled in identifying true community priorities among urgent competing needs. Using my forty years of business and public service experience, I will focus on Clark County’s economic development, especially considering the damage caused by the virus crisis and the hardships so many families have endured.

I will fight against excessive taxation, against your tax dollars being wasted and against tolling commuter roads. We need transportation infrastructure that relieves congestion. I will be your voice for new transportation corridors and a third crossing of the Columbia River with improved freight mobility.

Karen Bowerman for Clark County, WA Council District 3

I support budget priorities for improving public safety with strong and safe neighborhoods and defending property rights with common sense planning and zoning policies. Taxpayers deserve a guard against intrusive government as the county provides regional parks, land use planning and mental and public health services.

As one who is passionate about integrity in government and politics, I will provide informed and principled contributions with honesty and transparency. I humbly ask for your vote.

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Letter: ‘So many jobs gone and hurting families’

Date:Friday, October 2, 2020

Camas resident offers her thoughts on the race for a seat on the Clark County Council between Republican Karen Bowerman and Democrat Jesse James

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Clark County Today Anna Miller 2020Anna Miller, CamasThis has been a tough year! I wonder if it’s too late to take my mother up on that offer to slap me into next year! Just kidding. But seriously, I got my property tax bill and WOW!

When I heard Jesse James, candidate for the County Council, say it’s very important to approve the maximum tax increase again, I got angry. So many jobs gone and hurting families.

Karen Bowerman says she “can be counted on to vote ‘NO’ on a budget that increases our taxes.’’ Karen gets it. Do us all a favor. Vote for Karen Bowerman this November 3rd.

Anna Miller, Camas

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