After being reared in Kansas and living her dream career in Texas and California, Karen is happy to have settled in the Great NW.  She and her husband of 42 years enjoy the active, involved lifestyle of the NW.  They are strong believers in the importance of “giving back,” and have found a route for this through politics even though at this time in history societal disillusionment is high.  Karen says to look for common ground with people who view the world differently than you do because that helps make our world a better place.

There are at least five values that help guide Karen’s decisions.  God is first.  We can always trust Him. We are not alone. He is always with us, and values us.  Family follows.  To love our family is to experience deep connection.  It is more than just blood relationships; it’s about people who function as a loving unit.  Karen values education. She pursued higher education for herself and fosters its reality for others. Education has both intellectual and economic value. It encourages innovation and interest in knowledge, and also gives opportunity for better economic security.  Karen values service.  There is fulfillment in sharing your talents with others you do not know without expecting anything in return.  You literally seek a pathway to benefit others.  Lastly, patriotism that Karen values is a love of country and spirit of camaraderie for all citizens. Valuing patriotism means that we try to do our part to make this country a better place.

Karen Bowerman for Clark County, WA Council District 3