Dear Democratic Residents of District 3,

Some of you may be like me and often vote for the person rather than just for the party. Some of you may feel that certain candidates swing your party too far from center. Some of you may be sick and tired of fights between elected officials of different parties when they obviously are not listening to each other to find the best solutions for the citizens they should be serving. Whatever your situation, thank you for reading this letter.

True, I am Republican, and if elected I will serve everyone in this district. Similarly, I will listen to everyone. You may have my phone number and call me if you have a concern about our county that affects you or your family. We all know that there is no human way for an elected official to agree with everyone who contacts her or him, but by communicating, we will have mutual understanding at the very least.

You may be surprised to learn that at a young age I worked in the office of a Democratic governor, heading up an agency in his office. I’m certain he knew my political party when he hired me, but we never talked about that because we focused on issues. It was from him that I understood that “Big Minds talk about issues; small minds pick at people.” I appreciated how he held the line on taxes and brought ethics into state government following a major bank fraud scandal.

If elected, I promise to be transparent with you always. I respectfully ask for your vote on the November 3 ballot.


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This particular endorsement is meaningful to me, not just because of the author’s judgment of my character, but because of the respect I have for Frank Williams, who sent this to me unsolicited.

To the Voters of Clark County,

As a six term Democratic member of the Florida House of Representatives (1972-1984), I am delighted to endorse Karen Bowerman for the Clark County Council.

I have known Karen for almost 20 years. I served on the Advisory Board of the School of Business when she was Dean of the School at Cal State San Bernardino.

In my opinion, integrity is an issue basic to the policies (and I know this is important to you) and activities of every public servant. Integrity is the number one requirement not only for the office holder but for his/her staff and all those who function in his/her behalf. And how do we define integrity?

First of all integrity is an uncompromising respect for the Truth. It is keeping your word whatever the circumstances. It is the foundation of a Code of Ethics, a set of high principles.
It is fair play. It is the practice of across-the-board morality. It is sidestepping of unfair advantage. It is discretion. It is the understanding of different viewpoints, different opinions. It is trust where trust is deserved.
It is the studied avoidance of conflict of interest and any appearance of conflict of interest.
Of gossip. Of the “cheap shot.”

It is Loyalty – being faithful to one’s family and friends and associates. In politics it is the strict keeping of faith with constituents, representing with maximum effectiveness, recognizing their needs and aspirations and working to the limits of one’s ability in their interests.

And, of course, it is a burning meaningful patriotism.

That to me is integrity. That to me is what you get with Karen Bowerman …. Karen epitomizes what I have just described.

Frank Williams
Former Member
Florida House of Representatives

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