Karen Bowerman for Clark County, WA Council District 3

In District 3, current councilor John Blom filed as a candidate. Blom, who was previously elected as a Republican, drew attention with his filing as an independent.

“I have learned much about the work of the county over the last four years, and one thing I have observed is that the vast majority of the decisions made by the council are not partisan by nature,’’ Blom explained on his Facebook page. “The largest portion of the county’s general fund goes toward public safety, both the sheriff’s office and the courts. When people need help and call the sheriff, they don’t care if it was a Democrat or Republican that approved the budget — they just want to know that help will arrive in a timely fashion.

“I know many people are comforted in voting for a candidate that shares their party affiliation,’’ Blom added. “It is my belief, however, that many of the policy items that divide the two parties simply are not highly relevant to the County Council, just as they are not highly relevant to the City Council. Health care policy, taxation, international relations strategy, and immigration policy are not local issues.’’ Karen BowermanKaren Bowerman

Blom will be opposed by Republican Karen Bowerman and Democrat Jesse James. Bowerman is the wife of Clark County Republican Party Chairman Earl Bowerman. She is also 1st vice president of the Clark County Republican Women.

Bowerman said she decided to file as a candidate after Blom announced his change to no party preference, “because it is my belief that voters deserve the opportunity to consider a Republican candidate too. I filed immediately. With my candidacy, voters have the opportunity to consider a Republican. I look forward to discussing how this differs from the incumbent with no party preference, and how it is of value to the 3rd district and to our county. Because I am principled, my identity as a conservative Republican translates to policy and positions on taxes, roads, transportation, budget, public safety and more.’’

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