Karen Bowerman for Clark County, WA Council District 3

You have undoubtedly hit choked traffic going “across the river,” so I need not describe the frustration involved in daily battling congestion on the roads that our 70,000 Washington commuters endure. Traffic congestion reduces quality of life, and the problem cannot be solved without improved infrastructure. Repairing the I-5 bridge, which is of importance for safety, does not add capacity for automobiles.

For many years we have known there are not enough auto lanes, not enough bridges, and not enough capacity. I will be your voice pushing for new east-west transportation corridors and a third crossing of the Columbia River with improved freight mobility. I am not a voice for light rail to solve the traffic congestion problem, and that is a separate issue and a separate analysis.

Some elected officials say that tolls would spread traffic over the day, thus relieving congestion. However people now spread their trips from early morning to late evening to no avail, and that is without tolls. Adding tolls does not relieve congestion and they present an additional burden to Clark County’s commuters who already pay income tax to Oregon. I will work relentlessly for increased capacity to help relieve congestion and to stop Oregon’s tolling scheme which is now well into the planning stage.

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